Vietnam – HCMC (Saigon)

Day 1-5 HCMC – Ho Chi Minh is a pulsating city in the south of Vietnam and the place we started our road trip. We arrived a week later as we actually wanted but being finally there was overwhelming and interesting at the same time. I never thought that Vietnamese  traffic had any kind of system, it Read More


Vietnam – HCMC City Tour

We meet the girls around 11.30am at the big indoor market in district 1, this place is great to walk around and explore. It has a few main walking ways with shop after shop from food to shoes, over bags and all other kinds of souvenirs. It also has so many small corners and alleys Read More


Vietnam – The Cu Chi Tunnels

We arrived at the Cu Chi Tunnels around 3pm so we decided to just do the tunnels and nothing else, the area is so massive that you need an hour to do the tunnels and the whole area gets closed at 5pm.There are a few more options you can choose to do, but the lady at Read More


Vietnam – Buying a motorbike

BIKE INSPECTION CHECKLIST If you decide to buy a used bike, make sure you always check a few things before you buy: Engine: Put the bike on the center stand, start the engine, and go for it. Listen to anything that does not sound right like clicks, scratching etc.. Make sure the engine is fit Read More


Vietnam – Airport, Visa on arrival 

Visa application: When you plan to visit Vietnam you should organise yourself a visa if you want to be in the country longer then 15 days (15 days are on arrival but please always check your countries visa requirements) You can go to the next vietnamese embassy, pay a bit more and get your visa Read More