About me

Hi I’m Nadja, a nature lover and creative mind (I studied Digital Media) born in Germany, with the a passion for travel and to see as much as I can of this beautiful world. I grew up in Germany with a mum that always helped me to see things different, to free my mind of what others think and supporting me no matter what, be comfortable to explore and to make my way in the creative business like herself. Also a dad that showed me that being happy, doesn’t matter of the situation you in, will get you a long way.  Friends that supported me in every step I did and even I’m not always there, they will always have a spot for me in their hearts. Miss and love you all.

For me, the most important part of traveling is the experience I make with the people I meet on my journey. I believe every destination is just as good as the people you share it with, no matter if locals or other travelers. On the other side, this always clings my heart to places and I want to stay.
The last time this happened, was when I visited Australia for a year and I was blessed to stay and live there the last 6 years (my home of choice).  Now I decided to hear the call of my restless soul again and to travel Asia. I would love to say I’m traveling the world but who knows, the more time I spent in Asia the more I realize how much it has to offer.

Trough traveling you meet so many interesting people and you learn so much about new places and hear about new areas. Its so mind blowing sometimes, that having no plan to where to go next, is the best thing you can do. There is heaps on my list so who knows what happens. South America is also something I had in my mind for a long time now. But also likely is that I change my mind in the last minute. Oh by the way I’m a certified Yoga Teacher and discovered my love for India by just going with the flow. Its crazy when I look back at the last month of travelling.

Have you ever been sitting and daydreaming how your life could be, and created your own little world….. ? I have, and one day I made it come true…. How? Because i wanted to and packed my bags and left. That’s all it takes. Nothing more nothing less. I wanted to see the world, to take on the risk. So I gave up the safety of all these material things that hold us back and n’slave us (apart from a good travel insurance, I’m still German and organized).
But one day I just changed my mind and went for my dreams my fears, my daydreams. I’m still a daydreamer but now I’m in my own dream, and do you know what…. I don’t know what happens next … and that is exciting to me. I love every minute of it, it makes me feel alive. Just sitting here and typing this and to know I made the step into the unknown… once again. And from here… one step at a time. Its all in the cards and its exciting every day because I don’t know where my heart leads me next. I’m always excited about seeing new places and traveling to other countries but the memories I make with the people are just priceless. It’s true, traveling makes you richer every day of the journey,
Adventure is on.

Cheers to all the daydreamers, believers and doers. You rock….. because life is a journey ;).

Big hugs Nadja

Ps: I love swings all around the world