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People who inspired me or are just awesome

This page is for all the people who inspired me on my way. The ones who were helpful, supportive and work hard to live their dream. I want to give them credit because they are unique the way they are and I’m grateful for the way they changed my view and helped me to find and/or continue my way


The guys from Turnme360 (Rama and Patrik)
They have an open mind and a great vision for new projects. They create motion images that inspire and bring the message across in the most creative way. I love their work and that both of them are so open to help and support others wherever they can. I was overly thankful and happy to have met these two beautiful people on my travels. It is rare that you meet people who are that passionate about what they are doing and still make the time to inspire others and to help them to be the best version of themselves. With their drone and cams they create stunning videos and capturing memories that last.
You both rock and I wish you all the best. I hope our paths cross again very soon:D
Check them out

Stephanie van Hoeijen

This girl is a true nomad, nature lover and inspiration for everyone who travels or wants to travel the world. I met her years ago in Australia for the first time and stayed in contact. I visited her in Amsterdam a few years later and she welcomed me with open arms. Since then she changed her life completely, moved to a different part of the world, turned into a full time traveller and currently travels South America.

Her way of writing is unique, smart, honest, fun and to the point. She does not brighten up her stories, she  writes it as it is, the good and the bad adventures but in a way that you can feel and read that traveling and writing is her passion. What I like about her is, that she is that kind of person you can´t fit in any box, she will always do her thing and stand out of the crowd. She speaks several languages, connects to the locals, travels off the tourist tracks, sees everything with her own eyes in her own time and is on top of all that a wonderful person. She is a strong and intelligent woman with a lot of energy and creativity, that she spreads around the world and also soaks it up like a sponge wherever she goes. A true world traveller with a heart of gold and a great way of using her words to inspire other people. I’m glad I met her on my way, that she shares her stories with the world and that I started reading her blog.
Never change the way you are Stephanie
Please check out her page:

Odell Harris

I met this guy years ago when I started training Jiu Jitsu in a gym and the support that he gave to me and to everyone that comes his way is outstanding and an inspiration of encouragement and camaraderie. Of course I have to give this credit to nearly all of my fellow training buddies (bless them all for their help and patience, I appreciate every minute of your time), but Odell stands out because he continues his work on way more levels. He is an entrepreneur, passionate surfer, photographer, Jiu Jitsu black belt, Sensei, family man and also a very caring person who takes the time to understand and see deeper then just the surface.
Helpful & supportive when he sees that you struggling, interested in people and their stories, encouraging & inspiring for his enthusiasm to learn new things and expand his horizon, passionate about his photography, determined to help others with his projects and not afraid to take risks by starting new ways to do so.
I don’t know exactly on how many projects he works atm but I’m glad to call him a friend that inspires and stands out, not holding back to put his story out there and to support others to do the same to help. He is a good soul who tries to turn the world into a better place in his own way.
I wish you all the recognition you deserve Odell and hope you continue what you doing for yourself and for others. Please check out his newest project “Against all Odz”… Inspiring face to face conversations with everyday people who overcame a big struggle in life, succeeded in dealing with it and now sharing their story with others to help. Available as podcast or on the website: