Sri Lanka – UVA Halpewatte Tea Factory 

With the map that we got from our home stay it was easy to find the UVA Hallewatte Tea Factory but Ella is anyway not complicated to get around.

The tea factory is in a massive old building up on a hill with an impressive view from the balcony that runs around the waiting hall/tea shop. The price for the tour is 300 LKR and it is very informative and interesting.

Our guide that day was the factory manager, a lovely older Gentleman that worked in the factory for years. He was so passionate about tea, it was amazing to listen to him. All the steps the tea leafs have to go through, till they end up on our table, is a bit of a story. He also told us everything about the history of tea and what parts of the leaves produce the best aromas.

After a introduction of about 30 min, we started our guided tour through the factory. He brought us to all the different areas where the tea was heated, dried and stored. He also explained us the difference between green and black tea. We were allowed to touch and smell at every stage and take photos. Even all signs said “No photos allowed” everyone took photos, lol.

Back in the tea shop, we could try 4 kinds of tea varying in quality. You could really taste the difference. I don’t know if the green tea factory tour is different to the black tea factory tour but for us one tea factory was enough.;)