Sri Lanka – Things to do in Weligama – surf, sun and ice cream vans

We collected our bags at the Jungle beach Hostel in Unawatuna and went down with the scooters to the bus station. Weligama is only a 45 min bus ride away from Unawatuna but unfortunately we found out that it is much easier to catch a bus from a big bus station, then standing with 5 people plus backpacks at a random bus stop. 5 buses drove past us, either full or you could clearly see that the driver was just not in the mood to pick up 5 people plus backpacks. The 6th bus driver finally stopped and 45min later we arrived in Weligama.

The >>Hangtime Hostel<< was only a short walk away from the bus stop but we got there just in time before a massive rain shower started. Chris recommended this Hostel to us and I have to say it is awesome. If you ever find yourself in Weligama, this is the place to be, I was sold. Nets to lie in on every level, swings everywhere, directly opposite the beach with the best view of the ocean from the chill out and restaurant area on the top floor. The second floor was just one complete level of Yoga and the dorm’s were located on the first floor, whit big balconies and some more hanging chairs, literally a surf and chill out paradise. Ground floor had private rooms and Surf board hire. Owned and run by a Australian guy with his German girlfriend and their half paralyzed dog Tiny. Tiny was the sunshine of the house and literally in and out everywhere, stairs were no problem at all.

We decided very fast to extend our stay and had a nice dinner at the rooftop restaurant. The rest of the night we spent chatting and laughing on the balcony in the hanging chairs. Hakans engagement to befriend the the 4 Argentinian girls staying in next door dorm, was so entertaining that Sandra gave him the lovely nickname Hakanova 😀 lol.

Next day I was up first, hired a surfboard and went to the beach for a lovely morning surf. Oh yayyyy. The beach was big and the waves small but I had fun nevertheless. It is great for beginners and for a bit of fun in the waves, there are no rocks and you can walk out very far.

I was super hungry when I got back to the Hostel and decided to have some cereal Hakan brought from Germany (because his bag was to light haha). Unfortunately the only thing the hostel does not have is a kitchen for backpackers to prepare their own meals.  I can understand because they have a restaurant but the owners made an exemption and gave me a bowl, spoon and some hot water.

After another surf session with Sandra, Hakan and Milou (btw Milou is a natural talent in surfing and was standing straight away – well done :)), we went for lunch and then to the city center to go shopping. Chris couldn’t join us at the beach because he had a burning at his lower leg and was not allowed to go in the water, so he teamed up with another traveler and they visited a nearby Tea factory. He said it was a great place and it is only a 15 min Scooter ride from the Hostel away.

At night time we went to Merissa for dinner….well we tried to, because Hakan wanted our Tuk Tuk driver to follow the 4 Argentinians and Chris was with Sandra on the scooter behind us. Unfortunately it started raining and Chris had to stop to find shelter and we lost the other Tuk Tuk because we wanted to wait for our friend. We found shelter in the Hangover Hostel (the same company we already stayed in Katunayake) Hakan was just all about contacting the Argentinian girls again not noticing that the rest of us was already starving. After 20 min useless waiting for Hakanova getting info’s where the girls are, we ordered Burgers at Hangover :). Afterwards we walked around Marissa beach for a while and ended up in a bar.

The next morning was a very relaxed Sunday that I spent it in the rooftop chill area. At around around 10am it started… the ice cream van sound…. all day. You have to know that on Sunday’s most of the locals spent their day on the beach, so there are a lot of food stands around, including the annoying background sound of ice cream vans and yes there is an “s” at the end of van. We had two directly opposite the hostel (for a short time 3), not in sink of course, and not stopping for hours. Chris recorded it and from this day on it stuck with us till the end of our Sri Lanka time. You go mental after a while, believe me.


In the afternoon I was happy to do something else and decided to try stick-fishing with Milou. This was organized through the Hostel and cost are 2000 Rupees p.P. but it is definitely worth the fun. We drove there by Tuk Tuk and got introduced to a lovely fisher man and his family.  He and his son walked with us to the place we tried stick fishing for the first time. On the way you could still see the abandoned and destroyed buildings from the 2004 christmas time Tsunami that effected Sri Lanka. Our Fisherman was out in the ocean that day and survived with no harm.

Sick fishing is really fun but sitting on that stick for 2 hours is definitely not. I just catched on little fish that we released straight after I got a got shot with it. Milou catched a baby stone fish and 2 sea eals, she was the lucky girl of the day :D.

Things to do in Weligama:

  • Surf Surf Surf
  • Tea Factory
  • some more surf
  • Fish Market
  • drive along the coast
  • Stick fishing

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