Minibus ride to Bangkok airport

The drive to the airport was organised from the hostel. The driver arrived 20min early and I had not packed all my stuff. I was on the laptop for the last 3 hours and still on FaceTime talking to friends when he arrived.

I had to be quick, then this small overweight old smelly Thai dude was clearly not happy with the fact that he had to wait two minutes longer. I was the first one in the bus so he was in a rush to pick up all the other people (at least that’s what I thought it was). The funny thing in Asia is that with pick up’s like this nearly everyone gets told the same time for the pick up. Some get surprised with an early pick up and others have to wait longer.

From the minute I brought my bag to the car this dude was just a grumpy old weasel.

My big backpack flew into the car and he told me where to sit. Actually he just looked super grumpy and waved his hand in the directions of the second row. As soon I sat down he waved his hand again and said “two, two”…. I said “haaa what please” with a question mark in my face. And again he waved (more grumpy then before) “two, two” …. if I now may explain and translate: my row in the minibus had two seats and “oh so stupid me” had put my bag on one seat and was sitting on the other… my face turned from a question mark into an annoyed “are you serious dude”… I’m capable to move and take my bag away at the same time, if the next person steps into the car but I don’t get the point to do that straight away when I’m alone in the back of a minivan with 15 seats in total (including driver and co driver).

At that point (30sec after I got to the car) I could not take him serious anymore. This maybe did not make the situation better but it clearly was hilarious.

Little old grumpy slammed the door and had a massive cloud hanging over his head.

We drove off to pick up more people and he continued to be a pain in the ass to everyone that got in the car. He through their bags in the car and told everyone where to sit. Needless to say the bus was filled up to the last seat at the end and he always seemed like he was in a rush.

Not particular in a rush to pick everyone up but to get this whole pickup and driving to the airport thing over and done with.

If I could guess I would say, he looked like he had to get back to his couch as fast as he could, where he would continue to grow this big belly, that he had nourished over the last few years. His style of driving felt like he watched Formular 1 before he had to leave his beloved and most favourite place in the world.

After a year in Asia I’m used to crazy bus drivers but I fastend my seat belt, just in case.

We arrived at the airport save and sound and I can’t even describe how quick he got the luggage out. That he did not throw them all out of the car was a surprise. I would have loved to get a photo of this guy but he was gone to quick.

I hope he has a electricity cut off when he gets home but I have to admit it was entertaining.

At least I had something to write about when I got to the airport.

Because life is a journey and that’s all a part of it 😉